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Mind-Blowing Facts About County Music You Never Knew

The term “country music” generally reflects nostalgic vibes set in a countryside setting and peaceful weather. But you definitely know that the country music of America is exactly the opposite and has a very interesting history and evolution. Have you ever come across its amazing facts? Here are a few mind-blowing facts you must not have noticed to date, even though they were always around.

Country music actually started with acoustic instruments

Country and Bluegrass music are often confused for their style and setting but never when it comes to their instruments used. You might have always seen country singers with electric guitar or drums and Bluegrass singers with acoustic guitars, fiddles, or banjos to differentiate them both. But historically, country music has its roots in manual Bluegrass instruments using which the singers developed the music and notes.

The band and singers always prefer cowboy-like attire

Country instruments like drums and mouth organs became famous among the traveling soldiers and cowboys as they were portable and easy to use anytime. Since their bands started to spread the country music genre, the professional singers also started choosing the same attire. You can still find the bands often dressed in cowboy dresses, broad summer hats, dungarees, and high boots as the folks of the West.

The music can present any theme or storyline in jazz notes

One thing that defines country music is its musical setting which is pop and jazz style. Though the songs convey different stories and situations, from life, love, damage to self-motivation and courage, they all are usually set in the same musical notes. You can find that almost all songs are structured alike with a band and chorus, no matter what the core concept is.

County Music

Country music wasn’t a single genre

Have you ever heard of music melting pot? As the definition of melting pot indicates, country music is also a collective result of many existing genres. Thus, we can’t possibly call it a subgenre but a mixture instead. Apart from Native American music., it also has a great influence on Irish and Scottish music.

Bristol is the birthplace of country music

Like any other folk and native music, country music was also considered to be evolved in New Orleans or Tennessee. But it spread out and got recognition only after the radio and recordings got attention in mid-20th century. Back in 1927, one Ralph Peers, a famous American scout and music publisher, held several recording sessions of country music bands in an abandoned hat factory in Bristol city and published them. Since these albums got famous all around, spreading the fame of country music, Bristol became its official birthplace.

Country music never meant it was an ancient culture

Does country seem old and dull music to you? Well, America’s country music is exactly the opposite as it is neither old nor dull. This genre, though seemingly folk, emerged only around 1940, which didn’t even age a century. The music and instruments are also electric and fashionable, nothing like traditional ones. Its growing craze in modern society gave way to various fusion genres with different music worldwide that are now relatively popular.



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